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I was assigned to read and summarize Mary Beard’s The Public Voice of Women. I can’t stop thinking about it.

You can find it at London Review of Books, where you’ll have the option to listen to the author read it. In her tongue, her points are sharper and her wit softens the academic quality. But even as a well-spoken, highly-credentialed expert in her field, or maybe because of her expertise, Beard is the victim of vitriolic online harassment. To prove a bigger point, she shares the insults she’s gotten on her intelligence and appearance, along with the standard threats…


To liven up your next social gathering

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After lockdown, conversations with my friends and family tend to revolve around the strangest, most interesting facts we can recall from a year of consuming more media than ever. Below are three of the most mind-blowing things I’ve recently heard about animals, confirmed and condensed to be passed on to other social circles. Be advised, there’s nothing cute or cuddly to found here.

There’s a fungus that turns carpenter ants into zombies. Basically, after contact with the spores of O. Unilateralis, an ant slowly loses it’s mental function as the powerful fungus takes over its brain. …

I’m currently fostering six-week-old Suzie
  1. Imagine the adorable Instagram content you could produce! Your photos and videos can also be sent to the adoption organization and used to reach adopters, who connect better to images of pets in homes rather than in cages. You’ll get to know your foster kitty better than shelter personnel ever would. Take advantage of that by sharing their personality traits and writing their bios if you can. The more unique, the better! Some examples that stand out in my mind are “her favorite treat is corn on the cob” and “he would be great for someone who wants a face…

I post a lot of adoptable cats to my personal social media accounts and by far, the ones that draw the most engagement are the fat cats. In the photos I share, these “chonks” — to borrow a recently popularized word to describe adorably obese cats — look cute and extra cuddly. In person, while still cute, you can see how they struggle to walk. You may also notice their matted and inflamed hindquarters when they can’t reach to groom back there. Many develop litter box avoidance when getting in and out becomes too much effort. In addition to poor…

Amber Anderson

Cat lady by trade, with a decade of experience in sheltering, including clinical work and feline behavior consulting. Crunchy vegan treehugger. West Michigan.

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